Walking Tour B8

Duration: 3 hours

departure: 375 m. 

Highest point: 375 m.

Lowest point: 202 m.

length: 11.3 km

B8 is the something widespread tour in a huge crush, offside the central commotion.

Who would like to get any strength out of nature, who would like to communicate with nature, does find here a territory which does come up to his/her expectations. 


Town centre, through Echternacher Street, after 400 m to the left into the Hammhoferstrasse, another 100 metres close by the essentially starting point: the crossing Birkelt-Wuess-Hammhaff.

The B8 goes along for a short while with the B15, until it separates at the edge of the woods.

The B8 dives into the woods on the left side, to reach the first viewpoint  "Casselt" (from lat. Castellum, fixed Place) after 500 m.

After another 1100 m. B8 meets B19 on a track which comes from Bollendorf-Brück. Both tracks go along for fast 3 km.

Another highlight and outstanding viewpoint line the way and offers a variety of snapshot motives. Only "Kalekapp" and "Rammelay" bear a name in these stone crisscross. Briefly after Kalekopp the national walking tour Bollendorf-Brück / Weilerbach comes along.

The impressing mixed wood is the living space for badgers (meles meles), marten and the rare European wild cat (felis silvestris) and inspires every friend of promenades.

The ascent towards Birkelt is rewarded with the lovely view. The viewpoint is situated roughly 80 m. from the path on a clifftop, in front of castle Weilerbach (Germany) with public garden, which served earlier as a summer residence for the abbey of Echternach, on the right side, nested in the valley of the Sauer, Echternach with abbey and Basilica.

From now on 3 km of gritty wood path follows towards Halsbach, from where you, with the B15, after 1 km returns to the initial point.

The tour is provided with 12 benches.