Walking Tour B5


Duration: +- 2 hours

average degree

departure and arrival: 375 m.

Highest point: 375 m.

Lowest point: 310 m.

length: 5.3 km


"Schnellert" is the name in the land registry of the cliff which covers over 5 km along the village Müllerthal.

It consists of a valuable naturally mixed forest with mainly beech forest, officially classified as nature reserve.

For the style of nature you will have respect and it will obsess you as cliffs and gorges.



In the centre of Berdorf  the B5 starts in the centre of Berdorf, for a while it goes along with the B2 and the Müllerthal Trail through the narrow impressive Roitsbach rockformations.

At the end of this impressive gorge, on your left the MüllerthalTrail, along the "Hölle", along the Binzeltschlüff (in the meantime we meet the W3). We cross the street, 20 metres above ´Predigtstuhl´ trough the "Werschrummschlüff" to find the way which is indicated as well as B5 as "M". From now on the way will direct us to the enourmous clefts and splits of ´Schnellert´.

At the point where the "Fred Welter-Pfad" (sign: yellow X) comes into, we go up to the left, over a passage and tarred wooden road to reach the south site of Berdorf (km 4.1).  The B5 is provided with 10 benches.