Walking Tour B2


easy to average degree

departure and arrival: 375 m.

Highest point: 375 m.

Lowest point: 347 m.

length: 5 km

This trip is a real Jewel of the little Luxembourg's Swiss. Who would like to sniff up the typical overhanging rocks, cliffs and caves is here well on his place. Part of it runs through the "nature discovery track". Get hold of the special information leaflet (for free) ! An experimental walk with guarantee for adventure for the whole family.

Do start in centre town on the Mullerthal-Trail, tour 2, direction Mullerthal, who goes along the B5 and B2 and which is very good marked.The B2 starts officially after 200 m. Already after a couple of hundred meters the walker comes to the romantic overhanging rock formation of "Roitsbachtales". At the impressive and breathtaking Roitsbach-massif the different tours split.  

B2 follows its track to the right. Walkers who are sportsmanlike and are looking for an adventures thrill should pass on the right-hand the Roitsbach-Schlüff: explore the ´Räuberhöhle´ and go along the iron stepladder to the ´Adlerhorst´ in dizzy heights.

To ascent the viewpoints Roitsbach-Plateau or Teufelsinsel is recommendable.  All these absolutely unique sightseeing were brought together on a hardly 2 hectare big area.

And nevertheless you could please an exploring tour in enchanting scenery for hours. Did you obtain for this adventurous alternative, you find through "Totenkammer" on the B2 trail back. In front of "Herold" the B2 at the feet of the rocks and B2 through the overhanging cliffs, join together.

In front of the "Herold" the "B2 am Fuss der Felsen" and "B2 through the Felsschluchten" do merge again.

The path does cross an old "Römerweg", goes along  a slope on a  narrow path along the rockformation and ends after approximately 600 m. in the "Deltaschlucht des Alpinen" called Klettergartens Wanterbach with the famous "Siebenschlüff" as ending.

Walking through the passages as well as hiking towards the viewpoint is a must. Further on towards ´Kasselt ´ also ´Casselt ´(from lat. Castellum). From here the B2 walking tour goes back on a nearly flat wood path.

Initially a part of the B8, which comes from the other direction, from Berdorf,  now from Kasselt schlange in the distinct scenery of rocks of the forest region "Fünfter".

The B2 abandons for one moment the woods, shows its view over the open scenery, to return finally along a sandy path on the outskirts of the woods to recreation centre Martbusch. 

Still 600 meters towards the officially starting point. B2 is provided with 12 benches.


N.B.: from Grundhof you reach with the B2, after a difficult rise, Kasselt ( 150 m. difference on a height of: 1500 m.). The national walking tour "Sentier Maurice Cosyn",  "Ardennen-Eifel-Path " and youth hostels route also use these schlange route at the slope directing Grundhof to Befort (Beaufort).