Walking Tour B15


A pure field promenade along the Berdorfer plateau

suitable for Nordic Walking


-Op Casselt (Flur), 1,2 km

-Rest-/picnic place - entrance route Kalekapp, 2 km

-Hammhof, 2.5 km

-Birkelt, 4.4 km

-Halsbach, old washing well, 5.1 km. Here we do see the B8 again

-back to the starting point, 6.1 km



Centre of town, through the Echternacherstrasse, after 400 m turn left into the Hammhoferstrasse .

Another 100 m. till the actually starting point: crossing Birkelt-Wues-Hammhaff.

B15 goes along, for a short while, with the B8 before they separate on the edge of the forest.

The walking tour B15 does offer beautiful sight seeing points in the Südeifel over the Deutsch-Luxembourgisch valley of the border.

A beautiful view opens also the shadow of the high situated church spire, a symbol seen from far away.

The church tower simultaneously serves as water tower, which is an exceptional fact.

B15 is Equip with 8 benches.