Walking Tour B13


 -   Millewee                   0,0 km

-    the end of the path    0,8 km

-    Jonggeselleelay         1,1 km

-    Hennerzoll                 1,5 km

-    Junction "Bildchen"     1,8 km


"Bildchen", with a distance of 100m from B13, the statue "Mater Dolorosa"  is situated in a groove of a rock.

It is a respectable place in the silence of the forest, which the Berdorfer recruits under pressure built, as thank to the mother of god, for their return of the Second World War.

Crossroads with the B2 and B5m. Distance 2,4 km.


From the centre of town with the B5 and B2, through the Grundhoferstrasse in the "Millewee". Direction on the first junction is well marked.

B13 is without any topographic difficulties and is especially suitable as "appetite founder" or "digestion walk", above all this road can be shortening: over a connecting road from "End Feldweg" to "crossroad Bildchen", (approximate 100 m.) through which a walking tour of just under 2 km. is created.

The passage and the path along the edge of the forest do invite the observation of the native birds. Mushrooms and plants do attract as well, depending the season.

B13 is Equip with 7 benches.