The "P+R" - Walking Tour

This popular tour directs you in the first section through the with flowers decorated village ( Berdorf won already several prices on a national and international level) goes along the farming fields and meadow-land with a pleasant  widespread view inside the Südeifel. Drives into another forest track where its comes together with the E1 tour coming from Echternach. A good accessible sandy forest track directs first in a small route of romantic rock formations of the Halsbach, actually only a stone drop away.

After crossing the road, you do reach the Aesbachtal. Upwards the stream the road leads combined with several other local, national and international routes through the most beautiful rock formations of the little Luxemburger Schweiz, back to Berdorf.


Centre of town, following the Echternacherstrasse, 0.0 km

-side branch Street "op Kisécker",  0.7 km -welkeschkummer, (wild grain chamber) 2.0 km: The farmers from Berdorf did hide their corn, heather or wild grain during the French revolution from the raid of the soldiers of Napoleon.

- Halsbach, stream, 2.9 km, - Zigeunerlay, 3.4 km: shelter with bench - Perekop 3.9 km - Tour Malakoff, 4.0 km - Chipkapass, 5.2 km: these three termes are the names of strategic points out of the Krim war, middle 19 ages.

Dutch soldiers who had there military actions and where later on encamp in Echternach as the Grand Duchy was granted to the King of the Netherlands on the Wiener Congress, those rocks became their unusual names as a souvenir on these stategic points.

Hollay, 5.4 km: here the Romans did already break stones,   the famous fourgods altar of the Berdorfer church comes from the neighbourhood, nearby. In the Middle Ages here the millstones were obtained for the mills at the Abbey of Oeren near Trier.

The rock lump was "scooped out", that´s why it is called like that Amphitheater "Breechkaul", 5.5 km: In the "Breechkaul" the farmers form Berdorf used up the ´flax´ until the First World War, while the caves are very suitable for this, looking at the high level of humidity.

The Amphitheater was constructed in 1979.

Back to start, 6.7 km

This wonderful tour is Equip with 10 benches.

Identification mark: Blue arrow on a white background, as all national  "Autopédestre" in the Grand Duchy.