Nature discovery path


A natural trail with numerous themes

Who would like to encounter in geology, fauna and flora but also in special themes like natural forests and biodiversity just as the history of human colonization of the territory, will get his concrete schooling. The well made accompanied pocket-size flyer is obtainable in the following languages: Dutch, French and German. (Tourist promotion office, Minigolf, Camping sites)  

The first part "Op der Lay" runs as nature trail over a paved part of a track and shows in chalets by means of presentation boards the peculiarities of this exceptionally nature.

This path is suitable for wheel chair and baby buggy.

The second part, the actually nature discovery path turns towards persons in good physical condition, who could be described as "rambler".

Start:From the centre of town you go to "Centre Martbusch". The actually start of the nature discovering path is directly next to the Minigolfterrace. Let yourself show the way using the special signs.

Make a stop at the stations, as marked, numbered and drawn on the photo on the left in the leaflet. Try to discover the details marked in the leaflet. The discovery trail will change into a track of experience.

Duration: 2.5 hrs

Degree of difficulty: average (staircases descending)

Departure and arrival: 375 m.

Highest point: 375 m.

Lowest point: 350 m.