Mullerthal Trail Route 2



You can start Route 2 in Echternach but also in other villages like Berdorf, Scheidgen, Consdorf or Müllerthal.

In Echternach, you start at the bus station and then walk towards Berdorf (rue Maximilien). After a short but strenuous climb, you reach the viewpoint "Troosknäppchen" from which you can see the Basilica and the surroundings.

The Mullerthal Trail then leads throughWolfsschlucht (the wolves’ canyon) where wolves could find shelter in former times. You continue along the Aesbach brook and pass Perekop, a massive rock and then reach Hohllay. This is a cave which was used in former times to cut out the millstones. The traces of this activity can still be seen on the rocks. After that you reach the amphitheater, which is still used for theatric performances.

You then pass the locality of Berdorf known not only for its famous Berdorf cheese but also for its wonderful landscape. The impressive rock formations in the surrounding woods make of this village the ideal starting point for many local hikes.

You continue in the Schnellert forest towards the village of Mullerthal where one of the most important mills of the whole region was located. The mill has been restored and is opened for the public. In the mill is a restaurant, a tourist-information and a "Best of Wandern" Testcenter. There are places to stop and rest in Mullerthal.

The Mullerthal Trail continues along the brook Black Ernztowards a little picturesque cascade calledSchiessentümpel.

From there you walk towards the east along Eulenburg, Goldfralay and Goldkaul which are spectacular rock formations worth a little rest. Before arriving to Consdorf you pass the mill of Consdorf (Moulin de Consdorf). Rest places can be found in Consdorf village.

The Mullerthal Trail continues through rocks and woods towards an amazing crevice called Kohlscheuer. If you want to cross it, be sure to have a pocket lamp as it is very dark and narrow. If you don't feel like crossing it, you can walk around it.

You then pass the villages of Consdorf and Scheidgenbefore arriving to Echternach again. There are places to stop and rest in Scheidgen and Echternach.