Climbing in Berdorf

Berdorf owes its European fame to the sandstone rocks and are well visited by mountaineers from the whole world. They are situated in the middle of nature, in the forests surrounding Berdorf which is called "Wanterbaach". 

Take parking "auf Kasselt" (approximately 5 min.) or from Camping Martbusch (approximately 8 min.) to reach them.

The climbing grounds are always open the whole year-round for visits.

For ecologically reasons hiking is preferable one hour after sunrise as well as one hour before sunset.

To avoid any administrative inconvenience an official license should be required. Without any costs anybody can appeal for one at the following address:


Ministère du Developpement durable et de Infrastructures

4, Place de l'Europe

L-1499 Luxembourg

Tel.: (+352) 24786800