Catholic parish church St. John the Baptist – Berdorf

The parish church was erected in 1830 and consecrated in 1847. The architect was Schaar from Grevenmacher. During the Second World War the  steeple burned down after a lightning strike. A new one was built during the years 1949-1950 behind the nave and serves since then as the water tower of Berdorf.

The most famous treasure of the parish church is without a doubt the „Four-Gods-Stone“, a big ashlar (Quader) which shows four different gods of the  religious belief of the Romans. The hewn stone is nowadays the support for the altar.

This ashlar once was the pedestal (plinth) of a roman Jupiter column, edified in a Roman Villa (300 m south-western from the parish church).

A photo of the entrance portal is showed in the cross-border „Doppeladlerweg“.