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The „Roitsbach“, a wonderful, romantic narrow passage is the entrance to the local hikes B2 and B5. The Mullerthal Trail crosses this rock ravine too. A great variety of moss and fern find an excellent biotope to grow in this humid part of the Berdorf forest.

Predigtstuhl (The Pulpit)

The „Predigtstuhl“ (the Pulpit) near the CR364 is an original rocky mountain range, whose name is given by its look. In times where there were no access to the pulpit with its stone and iron staircase, it was called „Türkenkopf“ (Turkish Head). This name can still be found in old travel guides.

Amphitheater "Breechkaul"

The „Amphitheater Breechkaul“ was erected in 1979 in a place, where in the Middle Ages, the rocks had been hollowed out to gain millstones.

Many concerts and plays are performed on that location during summertime.

The „Berdorf Hubertus Mass“ is well-known and popular abroad. It is held on the first Sunday after November 2, at 10.45 a.m.


The „Hohllay“ (which means „hollow stone“) is a rock hollowed out by man. Already the Romans have gained their stones in this area for their buildings. In the Middle Ages, the mills of the Oeren Monastery (near Trier) were obliged to use only millstones from this quarry.

Tour Malakoff

The „Tour Malakoff“ is a mushroom-shaped rock, which stands alone at the side of the path of the E1-hike, resp. the Mullerthal-Trail (Berdorf-Echternach). Tour Malakoff, as well as Perekop and Chipkapass were given their names by Dutch soldiers in memory of the 19th century Krim war. These dutch soldiers were stationed in the Echternach area.


„Perekop“ is one of the most visited rock giants on the road between Berdorf and Echternach. Thousands of tourists, on visit with coaches in the Little Luxembourgian Switzerland, stop here to get an unforgettable impression of this unique rock landscape.

Viewpoint “Birkelt“

Viewpoint „Birkelt“, in dizzy heights, offers a tremendous sight of the Sauer-Valley, Echternach in the background.